Negative People

A discussion about negative people came up today.  IMO, negative people are human black holes, coming out of nowhere, and sucking the life out of us. We try to stay positive and remain strong, but their negativity ends up just completely draining us. We feel exhausted, and may also start to feel depressed too. So yes, I agree, let’s stay away from such people.

Previously I had called negative people Energy Vampires :-). Some call them The Sob Sisters, The Blamers, or The Drama Queens. Today I like to call them The Fixer-Uppers :-).

When you face negative people, you experience a sense of being demeaned, constricted or attacked. You intuitively feel unsafe, tense or on guard. You sense prickly, off-putting vibes. You can’t wait to get away from them. Finally your energy starts to fizzle. You may feel beleaguered or ill.

So really, what should you do when you encounter one of these vampires? The answer is simple: Just smile and remain completely detached. Or say: Now tell me something positive. If it works for you, imagine a bright white light surrounding you!

In general, we also have to be grateful to these people because they’re giving us the kick that we need.

Finally, it all comes down to this. Let’s be confident that no one can drain us if we don’t cooperate. It’s all up to us. Yes, it is.