Meet Kory

Hello and welcome! I’m a Professional Certified Coach and a Broker in the vibrant Toronto market—one of the most dynamic in the world. It’s my privilege to assist clients from around the globe in realizing their real estate goals and dreams.

My commitment is to your success.

With over 32 years of expertise in sales, marketing, and management, I bring a wealth of knowledge to support my clients. I hold certifications from the International Coaching Federation and am recognized as an NLP practitioner by NLP Canada. Complementing my experience is a Master’s Degree in Business Management.

Beyond academic achievements, I’ve successfully managed large-scale projects for Fortune 500 companies across North America, honing my skills in negotiation, effective communication, and marketing strategy. This diverse background, coupled with ongoing education and training, positions me to serve clients with valuable insights and guidance.

Work with someone who’s actually done what you’re trying to achieve.

I take professionalism seriously, and I’m dedicated to raising the bar in our industry. My goal for visionary clients is to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and help them create a life by design.

Kory Gorgani

Kory Gorgani

Business Coach