Mastermind Recap

Thanks to everyone who joined my last mastermind session of the year. The session was packed with valuable insights. Check out this summary—I hope you find it beneficial.
1. Involvement in Church Community Groups:
– Building connections within church community groups has proven effective in gaining recognition and raising awareness.2. Client Testimonials to Neighbours:
– Encouraging seller clients to write a testimonial letter to their neighbours serves as a powerful word-of-mouth strategy.3. Door Knocking and Follow-Up:
– Proactive door knocking, coupled with follow-ups, has shown to be an impactful way to engage potential clients.

4. Weekly Videos Across Multiple Platforms:
– Consistent creation of weekly videos on various platforms has contributed to increased visibility and engagement.

5. Newsletter Impact:
– Newsletters have played a dual role in creating awareness and rekindling relationships with past clients, prompting them to refer new business. Writing an “authentic” newsletter is highly recommended that can also be shared on social media platforms, mainly LinkedIn.

6. Charity Collections in Geo Farm:
 – Engaging in charity collections within a targeted geographic area has facilitated smoother conversations during door knocking.

7. Letters and Home Evaluations:
– Sending letters and offering home evaluations in specific areas has proven effective in generating interest.

8. Facebook Marketplace Success:
– Utilizing Facebook Marketplace has attracted first-time homebuyers and leads.

9. LinkedIn Newsletter Outreach:
– Leveraging LinkedIn newsletters has successfully reconnected with old colleagues.

10. Geo Farm Focus and Community Outreach:
– Concentrating efforts on geo farming and actively participating in community events and social clubs has enhanced visibility.

11. Impactful Open House Strategy:
– Hosting a compelling open house, extending invitations to neighbours, and establishing connections with all attendees during and after the open house.And the TOP 3 hacks that stood out as significant contributors to our business success this year are:3. Videos: Humorous and Educational
– Engaging video content that combines humour and education has captured audience attention.

2. Door Knocking with Vigorous Follow-ups:
– Persistent door knocking, coupled with proactive follow-ups, has resulted in great leads and additions to our database.

1. Home Equity Review for Past Clients and Sphere:
– Conducting home equity reviews for past clients and within our sphere of influence has been the most impactful strategy to date.

Thank you once again to everyone who shared their insights and experiences. Hopefully you all picked up a thing or two to implement in your businesses next year.