Conversations to Listings!

Happy Monday, everyone,

No matter how many listings you are currently carrying or how quickly they’re moving, as a coach, I am propelling my clients harder than ever, with the goal of catapulting their listing production and consequently boosting their income.

Why? Let me ask you a question first. If given the choice between being the employer or the employee, what would you go for? In real estate sales, the employer takes charge by listing properties, promptly engaging all members of our Board. The employer holds the reins on inventory and, by extension, the marketplace.

On the flip side, the employee waits for the employer to list a property, and then all the employees working that area go to work with their buyers.

On every call, we review appointments and track each lead source. And you know that every sale, every appointment, starts with a conversation. How many conversations are you going to have today?

Looking for a great conversation starter? Ask your clients, “How much equity did you gain (or lose) in your home last year?”  This question can ignite a meaningful discussion, allowing you to showcase your expertise, position yourself as an advisor, and keep your services top of mind.

Give the above some thought! Wishing you all a productive week ahead.