A Winning Strategy

Welcome to a new week. First, last week’s email was a huge hit – thank you for all the feedback! I’m so glad to hear that many found it useful. My aim with this weekly journal is simple: to offer insights and tips that you can actually use in your business. And a big shoutout for spreading the word. Please continue to share.

I was asked last week: What’s a winning strategy for generating more business or listings?

Well, let me (re)introduce you to the Equity Review Campaign. It’s an approach to generate listings by providing existing homeowners with an assessment of their property’s value. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of how it works:

1. Research: Start by gathering data on local market trends, recent closed sales, and appreciation rates in the homeowners’ areas to offer an accurate and up-to-date home valuation.

2. Outreach: Schedule appointments with past clients and other homeowners in your database to discuss this information. Personalize your communication and show genuine interest in their financial well-being and real estate goals.

3. Equity Review Meeting: During the meeting, review the homeowner’s current property value, discuss market conditions and trends, and provide projections for the next x number of months. Tailor the information to their neighbourhood for specific relevance.

4. Meaningful Dialogue: Engage in a conversation about their long-term plans. Inquire about potential life changes in the next few years, their views on the current housing market, and what their ideal home entails.

5. Home Updates and Repairs: Discuss any home improvements or repairs that could impact the property’s value, ensuring they make informed decisions about any work they might be considering.

6. Referral Opportunity: Given the high percentage of buyers and sellers who find their agents through referrals, wrap up your meeting by reminding clients that you’re available to assist their friends and family with the same level of service and expertise. Invite them to refer others to you.

By consistently engaging with your clients through an Equity Review Campaign, you showcase your expertise, build trust, and position yourself as their trusted advisor in real estate matters. This proactive approach can lead to more listings as you provide valuable, actionable advice that establishes you as the local market authority.

This campaign works well with people you know. Now obviously the number of people we don’t know is more than those we know. How do we reach those we don’t know? And that, shall be a topic for another week.

I’d love to hear your feedback on the above campaign.Wishing you a productive week ahead!