A tip: share the journey!

Hi there,

As we get into summer, I wanted to touch base and chat about something exciting—your recent success in real estate!

Have you ever considered sharing the story behind your achievements? I’m talking about more than just the end result—we want to get into the nitty-gritty, the journey, the hustle that got you there.

Think about it: When we share not just the outcome but the steps we took to get there, we’re not just showing off; we’re building trust. We’re saying, “Hey, here’s what we did, here’s how we did it, and here’s why it matters to you.”

So, how do we do this? Simple! Create a ‘How We Did It’ mailer. Start with a hook—an attention-grabbing intro that reels them in. Then, walk them through the process, step by step. Highlight the challenges you faced, the strategies you employed, and the magic moments that led to success.

But here’s the secret sauce: Include testimonials. Let your satisfied clients do the talking. Their words carry weight and add authenticity to your story.

Wrap it all up with a compelling call to action. Invite your readers to reach out, to start their own success story with you by their side.

So, what do you say? Ready to share your journey, inspire others, and grow your business along the way?

Wishing you a productive week ahead.