2024 is 8% Over!

Hello all,

As of today, 2024 is 8% over! This is a perfect moment to reflect on the past month and adjust sail if needed. Your success is not an overnight feat – it’s a result of consistent effort and strategic planning. Here’s a reminder that every listing, every sale, and every appointment starts with a conversation.

Here’s a tip: consider sending a text to your database that says, “I was on MLS earlier and noticed 123 Anywhere St. recently sold in your neighbourhood. Did you happen to see the final price?”

This text should start a nice conversation, and meaningful conversations are instrumental in establishing trust, understanding client needs, and facilitating successful transactions.

You may ask, “So, what’s next?” If the homeowner responds that they missed the final price,

Provide Value: Use this opportunity to share the sale price and offer context about market conditions influencing it.
Transition to Discovery: Pose follow-up questions like, “Did the recent sale spark curiosity about your own home’s value in the current market?” or “Have you considered selling, or are you staying informed?”

If the homeowner confirms seeing the final price:

Engage in Conversation: Acknowledge their awareness and inquire about their thoughts on the sale price. Are they surprised, pleased, or concerned?
Offer Comparison: Propose a comparative market analysis (CMA) for their property, highlighting that market conditions change, and staying informed is beneficial.

Regardless of their response, work to position yourself as a trustworthy expert, offering to keep them updated on market trends, encouraging questions, or suggesting a meeting for further discussion.

Remember, communication doesn’t conclude after the initial interaction; following up is key, whether they express interest or not, to keep the door open for future opportunities.

Wishing you a productive week ahead!