Rotten Bargain!

No matter what our job or position in life is, the desire to give it our all and push our way to the top is incredibly strong and often causes other aspects of our lives to suffer; mostly our personal affairs. Not only do we take work projects home, we also tend to bring home our emotional luggage. It?_Ts this stress, anxiety and often anger that can potentially be the most damaging.

Remember the words of Rita Mae Brown: “Don’t trade the stuff of your life — time — for nothing more than dollars. That’s a rotten bargain.”

There comes a time in every man’s career when the limits of his workload are pushed. No matter how sympathetic your boss seems, he or she will try and have you do as much as is humanly possible. Well, we are only human and there are limits to the amount of work a human can accomplish. But is it OK to say no to the boss? Does it mean we’ve failed our company?

No way jose! Saying no means you’ve taken control of the situation and realized your limitations. Juggling is one thing, being pelted with random flying balls while trying to catch them is quite another :-).

Being overworked will turn us into a very dull, stressed-out, and crabby person. Letting work control our every move in and out of the office is a sure sign of a weakness. Dude, if you want to be the man of the house, show how manly you can truly be by leaving the office where it belongs and spending quality time with your family and friends during your off time :-). Now I just hope my boss does not read this log ;-).