For Valentine’s

With two weeks to Valentine’s Day, engaging with clients can be a fun and heartfelt way to show your appreciation and maintain connections. Here are some specific recommendations for both direct engagement and social media activities:

Direct Engagement:
  • Personalized Cards: Send out personalized Valentine’s Day cards expressing gratitude for their trust and business.
  • Local Gift Baskets: Consider sending gift baskets sourced from local businesses to promote community support while providing a thoughtful gift.
  • Flower Deliveries: Arrange for a small bouquet or a single rose to be delivered to your top clients with a note attached.
  • Charitable Donations: Make a donation to a local charity in the name of your clients and inform them about this act of kindness.

Social Media:

  • Valentine’s Day Themed Posts: Share love-themed content, such as photos of homes with heartwarming stories, or ask followers to share their love stories connected to their homes.
  • Contests and Giveaways: Host a Valentine’s Day contest or giveaway, which can boost engagement.
  • Interactive Stories: Use interactive features like Instagram or Facebook Stories’ polls and questions to engage your audience with topics such as their dream home features.
  • Client Shout-outs: Showcase past clients (with their permission) in celebratory posts, thanking them and highlighting their journey to homeownership.
  • Home Maintenance Tips: Share “how to love your home” tips focusing on maintenance and care that homeowners can appreciate.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is about expressing care and appreciation, so any engagement should be genuine and thoughtful.