Unrealistic Expectations

Take a moment and make a mental picture of your workload. Do you go into overdrive and spend extra hours at work? Or do you take work home including evenings and week-ends, when you should be slowing down and relaxing with your family? If yes, then dude, we need to get a life!

We are now adding more pressure to our lives than ever before. Yeap, expectations are at unrealistic levels. Can you spell exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome, washed out … and burnout?!

What can we do though? How do we move ourselves from pressure to diffusion of tension? It is difficult, but we have to allow ourselves the time to step back from work and identify all the causes of stress. I don’t think we expect to control all the causes but at the very least we can learn to cope with them. That is the only solution, next to quitting. :-)