Trust and Confidence

IMO, Trust is binary. You either trust, or you don’t. It’s a simple yes or no. Trust is sacrificial, you have to make yourself vulnerable in order to trust. Trust is two-way; I cannot trust you unless you trust me. Trust is a relationship, a bond. It has something to do with Emotional Intelligence and Pay It Forward. It is based on something holistic to do with the person and the relationship.

Confidence is graduated, it is part of a continuum of values. You associate confidence with words like Ratings and Levels and Degrees of. It is one-way, if I have confidence in you, it does not mean that you also have confidence in me. It is an attribute about a specific skill or ability.

OK. I will stop now. And no, I’ve not suddenly become some male-menopausal closet philosopher. But because trust and relationships and identity are integral components of any market, particularly  today’s market. So let it be written, so let it be done!