Everywhere in the world there are people who hate other people simply because of their race. This has been going on almost since the beginning of time. In Shakespeare’s “Othelo” from the 16th century, Othello is a black man. Everyone calls him “Moor”, which is what they called black people, or comments on his blackness like it is a bad thing. Almost everywhere you go there is a hint of racism somewhere. The big reason that there are racist people is that humans are scared of other humans with differences from them. Some people try to ignore the fact that there are other races in the world by living in a white neighborhood. Other people who are afraid of differences try to stop interracial life in violence.

Some people say that racism only happens in some parts of the world. This is not true. If racism is in one place, it is everywhere. Racism is not right, we need to fight it, and some day it will be abolished.