Need for Training

The goal of education and training is to help us acquire the critical information needed to be successful in our jobs. We all know that it is a time of unprecedented change in our workplace. We are now in an economy based on information, in which businesses compete in an increasingly global market.

In today’s economy, the qualities that once nearly guaranteed lifelong employment — hard work, reliability, loyalty, honesty, are no longer enough. Employers increasingly demand flexibility, creativity, independent problem-solving abilities, and a willingness to learn new skills. All this change breeds anxiety and insecurity. Our work force, like our population as a whole, is becoming considerably older, our skills obsolete, and the need for training grows. In an economy defined by rapid technological change, statistics have shown that employees must learn state-of-the-art skills or they will be left behind.

Training makes the difference between “leaders” and “the rest.”A Training helps increase employee productivity as trained employees work better, faster, with less effort and make fewer mistakes. TrainingA enables us to climb the ladder of success.

Having said all of that… the foundation is laid… I will be in training all next week! :-)