My Bad!

Woohooo! Day off work today. Long week-end … here I come.

But let’s start the long week-end with a pet peeve :-). “My bad” — What does it really mean? Is it proper English? My son says it, I hear it on TV a lot, and it’s wide spread all over the Net.

My bad = My mistake – I’m to blame

Some say the slang “My Bad” originated in the early 70’s. At that time, slang terms often circulated at street level for many years before being adopted by anyone who felt inclined to write them down. But others say “My Bad” is a late 80’s basketball term often used/said after a bad pass.

But did you know famous dude Mr. Shakespeare also used the term “My Bad” with something like the current meaning, in his Sonnet 112:

Your love and pity doth the impression fill
Which vulgar scandal stamp’d upon my brow;
For what care I who calls me well or ill,
So you o’er-green my bad, my good allow?

A buddy of mine says he first heard the term “My bad” in the Alicia Silverstone stupid movie ?_oClueless?__. Well, I knew it’s ?_oyour bad?__ when you actually pay to watch such a “Bad” movie. :-) Oops, my bad!