Dull stupid fatuous…

Taking a look around us, it is easy to spot dull stupid fatuous people.  They are better known as jerks, and  are like roaches — there is never just one.

He or she is an intrusive, backstabbing, interrupting, monopolizing, bragging, paranoid, two-faced, intimidating, and SARCASTIC. Everyone is given a jerk just like a guardian angel. Instead of protecting you however, the jerk builds your character.  They come in all shapes and sizes, so there are no actual physical characteristics to spot. You can however tell by their behavior what they are made of. They tend to talk loudly, lie to make themselves look good and others bad, take credit for others’ hard work, are inflexible when working with others, and talk nice, but sarcastically.

If you see your prospective jerk doing two or three of the things above, you are dealing with a certifiable, authentic jerk.

There are many things you can to create a civilized workplace and get along with jerks, but best thing to do is to drop the jerk and move on. The real reason to forgive is to prevent your own anger from hurting you emotionally and physically. Built up anger is likely to cause more trouble for the angered than the target of the anger. Forget about the roach, and let’s move on.