Business Presence

A powerful Business Presence exudes high-level professionalism in attire, posture, conduct, and verbal skills as well as displaying confidence, leadership, and personal power in a businesslike manner. A powerful Business Presence conveys:  I am intelligent; I am resourceful;  and I am capable of handling any business situation in this field.

The components that contribute to Business Presence  are attire, hair, grooming, posture, demeanor, business accessories, communication skills, and etiquette skills. I can dig into each of these components in detail, but let’s leave that to another day ;-).

I am often asked by my colleagues: “what to wear?”.  My answer is very simple: Business Casual.

A simple definition of Business Casual is: A comfortably relaxed version of classic business attire, with no sacrifice of professionalism or personal power. How’s that?

Your image is a powerful business tool! Whatever your task, or whatever your profession, your Business Image is one of your fundamental tools, and the right tool makes it faster and easier to succeed.  So let it be written, so let it be done!

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