Taking 100% Responsibility

Every action you take creates a reaction that is based on the formula of cause and effect. Everything that happens is the effect of an underlying cause. Most people spend their lives operating at effect — ”It’s not my fault I always end up in bad situations.” “Life’s too unfair, bad things always happen to me.” “We’re in a recession, that’s why I haven’t achieved my target.” “If I could only match our competitor’s prices, I’d win more deals.”

True personal power can be achieved when an individual accepts 100% responsibility for what they create in their lives.You get one of two things; the result or outcome you want or the reasons why you did not. You may recognise these as ‘excuses’!

The more you focus on the reasons and blame circumstances beyond your control, you push away your personal power. If you believe you are in control of situations that life ‘appears’ to throw at you, then you are in control of your thinking and emotions, and therefore in control of your own life.

So, if something good or bad happens, ask yourself: “How did I create that?”

This question enables you to tap into your brain’s infinite potential and it will give you all the answers you need.  If you are prepared to commit 100% to taking responsibility, the results can be extraordinary.