Start of Coach’s Playbook!

Good morning everyone,

Welcome to t 2024, and welcome to the first “Coach’s Playbook!”  As we are starting a new year, I have three important tasks for you — tasks that will benefit you tremendously:

  • Firstly, Start clean. If your office and desk haven’t been thoroughly decluttered and unnecessary items disposed of, please accomplish this within the next 24 hours. Start fresh.
  • Secondly, if you haven’t compiled a list of the 3 to 5  achievements you’re most proud of from 2023, please complete this list. You need to be doing more of what works!
  • Thirdly, It is beneficial to outline 3 key objectives you aim to achieve in the first quarter of 2024.

I’m not asking you to send me your list, but I encourage you to establish specific goals for the first quarter.

Have a powerful and productive week ahead.