Great Marketing Sells Homes

Today more than ever who you work with matters!

We provide a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to sell your property. Our approach includes targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising, email marketing, content marketing and a personalized one-on-one outreach.

Where Buyers Come From

At Kory Gorgani Real Estate, we have a dominant online presence with a combination of innovative marketing and strategic outreach that is designed to get your home the maximum amount of exposure in the shortest period of time. This will make a big difference to your success!

Where Our Buyers Come From, by Kory Gorgani Group

Storytelling that Drive Action

Every home has a story to tell and we tell your home’s story through a series of targeted email campaigns, sent to a carefully-chosen audience.

Your home is showcased to key people that can either buy your home, or help find the right buyer.

Email Campaigns by Kory Gorgani Group

Social Media to Reach More Buyers

We advertise your home on FACEBOOK to reach thousands of people, and we highlight your home’s best features.

And, we use INSTAGRAM to connect with the community and to create a buzz around your home — ensuring many of our buyers are ready to view your home as soon as it hits the market.

This strategy helps engage buyers in a compelling way.

Professional Videos

We go far beyond MLS to showcase your home. We connect emotionally with buyers through professional high-definition photographs and videos, so they come and see the house for themselves. This attracts both local and out-of-town buyers.

Know Your Home’s Value

Find out what your home is worth in today’s real estate market. We’ll send you a free home valuation report to help get the selling process started.

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