Customer Service! Miracle!

These days everything can be duplicated, made better, bigger and even cheaper. So how do you add value to what you do?  What’s the icing on the cake? We know that for every Coke there’s a Pepsi, but they’re not the same.

Going way above and beyond the call of duty to help a customer, because you feel it is the right thing to do, without any expectation other than a satisfied customer is what I’d like to call a “miracle”.  Customer service is not about what companies or shops or restaurants… do. It is what people do, people who care for customers. And if you are one of those exceptional individuals that provide such miracles, and with a smile :-), well my friend, I salute you!

Customer Service is front line innovation. That is, when a service sector customer-interface employee is empowered to, or empower themselves to use their knowledge and networks to solve problems without management involvement. Innovation in the service sector should not come from above but from below (Yes, really!).

Inefficiencies in the service sector are almost always in response to something unexpected. When service workers confront an unexpected situation, do they a) seek a manager to deal with the non-standard variation or b) use their knowledge and the knowledge of those around them to troubleshoot and resolve?  The “miracle” is when you do (or find) the latter. In such events, the value delivered to the customer and to the organization in immeasurable.

Most businesses really struggle to develop something uniquely valuable about their services.  Take a look around you and look at lawyers, accountants or agents per se that are operating in your community. They all seem so similar. They all have same slogan, use the same cliché promises, offer more or less the same services, advertise in the same ad-infested papers, and thus make themselves all-but invisible.

One way to really stand out and make a great name for yourself or your business is to provide genuinely exceptional customer service. Offering exceptional customer service is one of the best ways to retain your existing customers and develop new ones at the same time. It’s a super high leverage activity. People universally adore being looked after and being made feel special. You can call it a human weakness, but really, if you want to plug your business into the power of word of mouth marketing, this is a superb place to start.

Let me highlight that customer service excellence is rare today. It is so rare that when you provide it to people, they tell everyone.  In other words if you become one of the few people that takes breaths away with your customer service, your business can generate stacks of powerful word of mouth publicity.  Our city is filled with obnoxious and arrogant people running their businesses, so you will stand out if you provide the level of customer service that is lacking in today’s market.

Now, promising exceptional service is easy — the CHALLENGE is providing it!

— By Kory Gorgani. Printed in Roya Magazine. September Issue.