Client Experiences

There are many things I can say about the quality of service I provide to my clients, but probably none would be as credible as live testimonials from some of my past clients themselves.

Kory has been a wonderful coach. He’s gone above and beyond to ensure I’m always in the best place possible with my business. He does much more than just provide coaching to his clients. He is constantly in touch sending helpful documents and inspiring text messages, as well as hosts monthly Mastermind meetings for his coaching clients to interact together. I was originally put with a different coach and am so happy I requested to switch!

Working with Kory has been game-changer for my career. I can’t thank him enough for his guidance, expertise, and unwavering support. One of the standout qualities that sets Kory apart is his availability. No matter when I reached out, he was always there to offer advice, answer questions, and provide insights. His prompt responses gave me the confidence that he was invested in my growth and always had my best interests at heart. Thank you Kory!

I recently worked with Kory as my real estate coach, and I am so grateful for the results!

He provided me with the knowledge and resources to take my real estate career and confidence to the next level. His expertise was invaluable and I would highly recommend Kory to anyone looking to improve their skillset as an agent. He is friendly and professional, and always pushed me to overcome and build upon my weaknesses.

Overall, I had a great experience working Kory, and I’m confident that anyone who seeks his assistance will have a similarly positive outcome.

Kory is a great coach. He goes the extra mile on everything to ensure you do your best. Always pleasant and focused and on the cutting edge.

Kory helped me implement a structure for my business that has been fantastic. I highly recommend him as an exceptional coach.

Working with Kory really helped my real estate business and my bottom line! Kory will keep you organized and share his extensive real estate knowledge. A real confidence booster and just an amazing human being to work with. If you want to take your business to the next level, hire Kory Gorgani!

Kory thank you for sharing your years of knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry. Your coaching, sharing and generosity were so helpful and have enabled me to shift my thinking and see the potential of my business.

Kory mentored me as a Tom Ferry Business Coach and it is a honour to work with him. Kory’s high degree of professionalism and knowledge helped me to grow my business through seeing and focusing on opportunities. Kory is personable, caring and kind and a great person to have in my corner!

Kory is da bomb! He texts and emails me almost daily! He hold me accountable and my business is growing big time. I now have a VA, I have SOPs and I write a yearly, quarterly and monthly business business.  I LOVE IT! Thank you Coach Kory. You have changed my life!

Kory has been a great coach and mentor. His sound advice helped me reach my business objectives. He is patient, attentive and resourceful. It is a pleasure working with him.

Kory’s coaching helped guide me in growing and scaling my business and substantial year over year increases in revenue! I would highly recommend Kory! Great guy who truly cares!

Morning! I just want to say that I am very lucky ???? you are my coach.I am confident to say, I would not achieve my today’s success without your coaching. Thank you, I am grateful.

I wished to have met you as my coach many years ago; I would be a billionaire now.

Kory is awesome, keeps me on track and calls me out on my shit! I have now grown from a single agent to a team and I love it!

Kory, Please know that I am genuinely grateful to you for being my coach. You have made a huge difference in my business, on many levels. Thank you, Zack.

Thank you for being my coach, you have been so amazing. I really appreciate you and I definitely won’t be where I am today without you.  A big thanks for putting up with me!

Mr. Gorgani is the definition of Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness and Value. Despite many challenges and obstacles Mr. Gorgani helped me tackle them and reach my goal.

I owe a mountain of gratitude to my coach, Kory. To say that I had a limited perception of myself prior to coaching would be an understatement. Before the coaching calls, I honestly believed my best years were behind me and the most I could hope for was mediocrity and basic survival. Suffice it to say that Kory has helped me change my perception of self and future prospects.

“Your Perception can be a prison sentence or a passport.” It’s your choice…

Through Kory’s dogged encouragement and unparalleled patience… I have begun to see the light and fully appreciate the coaching program. I’m excited about today and the possibilities it holds. I believe a better “me” is just around the corner or just up that hill and I strive every day to be worthy to know and be that guy.

Kory has encouraged me everyday. It would be with great pride that I would encourage anyone to seek out coaching and most specifically with Kory Gorgani.