2016 Life Lessons!

As 2017 approaches, it’s that time of the year to look back and search for lessons we’ve learnt during this past year. It is impossible to go through a whole year and not learn something new about yourself and about the world around us. Here’s my list:

  1. What you feel is what you attract. The Universe is listening to us. Let’s fill our lives with positive affirmations and reap the rewards.
  2. Enjoy life. This very moment, is my life. Life is not between the moments of your birth and death. Life is between now and your next breath. Right here and right now is your life.
  3. A lifetime isn’t very long. This year we saw the passing of many people. Life is now, so whatever you need to do, start doing it today. There are only so many tomorrows.
  4. Make time for family. Family always comes first, always.
  5. Be kind. Small acts of kindness can make the world a better place. Kindness is the only investment that never fails.
  6. Check your emotions. When you’re dealing with a crappy situation, it’s very easy to let emotions get the best of you. Learn to check them between the lines.
  7. Respect your gut feelings. Gut feelings come from your so many years of experience … don’t ignore it. It comes from your soul.
  8. Learn to let go. People who are controlling have a hard time moving through the world. Let go. It’s simple.
  9. Let them be. Some people live in La La Land. Let them be as they belong there :-).
  10. Show up mentally and emotionally every day. If your body will show up, your mind will show up too. Have blind faith in your goals, follow it with passion and with purpose.
  11. Live life on your terms. Put you “honest” opinions out there. When you put yourself out there, you’re going to get judged. Ignore the negativity. Only God can judge you.
  12. You can say “no”. Saying no does not make you selfish. Look at your time as being one of the most precious things in life.
  13. Never stop learning.  Read more books, go to more conferences as learning never ends. Learning is earning!
  14. Make health a priority. Exercising, working on our mindset and eating healthy. They are all tied in together to help us live a wholesome life.
  15. Bless everything you do. Let’s be grateful. Our attitude toward life will determine life’s attitude toward us. The more we express our gratitude, the more we have to be  grateful for.

2016 has also been a year of distressing news, cruelty in many parts of the world, good people dying and the list goes on. If we were to pause and reflect on the good moments though, I think we’d find there are always more things to be grateful for than ever.

Until this time next year … Let’s make everyday count. God bless you.